Portland Maine's premiere independent film company

What We Do

T9 Cine is a full service film company from creation to completion

The T9 team is intensely creative and dedicated to story creation


Everyone on the T9 team is versatile and able to help out with anything during production


The T9 post production team is quick and efficient, delivering the final product on time

Our Team

T9 Cine has an extensive team of well rounded individuals

Tim Johnston: Director, Production, Editing

Nick Loukes: Writer, Actor

Aaron Price: Art Director

Kristina Balbo: Production, Actor

Steve Marchessault: Associate Producer

Jon Ferland: Sound, Graphic Design, Editing

Meg Gipson: Makeup and Costuming

Brian Bechard: Director of Photography

  • Concepting
  • Production
  • Editing

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